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In Conversation With Adam Levy [Electric & Acoustic Guitar Mastery]

Published 5 April 2024

"Solo artist, sideman and Guitar Tips-nician shares wisdom and love for music and playing

Welcome to the show. We are delighted to welcome Mr Adam Levy to Schwangri-La, as he stops in on the way home after some European tour dates. Adam is an exceptional musician having played with artists including Norah Jones – yes, it’s him on Come Away With Me – Tracy Chapman, Vulfpeck, Madison Cunningham and many, many more. He also has a string of solo releases and side projects.

Adam’s laid-back style is underpinned with extensive harmonic and melodic knowledge, gained in part at least from his studies with the formidable Ted Greene. Those themes of melody and harmony permeate everything Adam brings to the instrument and, lucky for us, shares today.

Enjoy the episode!

• Adam on YouTube:
• Adam on t’internet:
• Adam’s book, ‘String Theories’:

Pedals & Stuff used in this show
• Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner
UK & Europe:

• Radial Big Shot ABY
UK & Europe:

• Electronic Audio Experiments Limelight
UK & Europe:

• Milkman F-Stop Reverb & Tremolo

Interesting bits & go-to sections
0:00 Intro playing
2:15 Why are we here?
4:46 Adam’s beginnings
7:45 Music is about rhythm
9:40 Inside the chords
13:10 Nothing new under the sun
16:10 Working with songwriters
20:00 The emotional curve
21:00 Chords and melody
22:50 Adam plays ‘And They All Sang’
27:30 Voice leading?
36:00 Remembering Ted Greene
39:41 All The Things You Are
43:30 You have to do the work
44:20 Acoustic love
48:45 Working with artists, sounding like yourself
55:00 Have good time, all the time
1:01:50 Trust the people you’re playing with
1:03:00 Practice routine
1:04:20 Can you play Happy Birthday?
1:08:00 Focus on one thing at a time
1:11:45 Adam plays ‘Sidewalk Chalk’

Guitars used in today’s show
• Collings I-30 LC
• Collings CJ-35

Amps used in this show
• Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb with stock speaker
UK & Europe:

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