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Effects In The Loop or In The Front End?

Published on 3 Jul 2015

It's a question we get asked all the time: should I run my delays and reverbs in the amp's effects loop, or should they go into the front end?

Well you guessed it, there's no definitive answer, so in this video Daniel and Mick attempt to address the main points to consider when setting up your effects.

We're using a Victory V40 The Duchess amp along with TheGigRig G2 to demonstrate the same effects going into the front end and also in the loop. G2 is taking care of the signal path shenanigans as seamlessly as it always does.
As you will hear, the differences are subtle but significant.

A Strymon Big Sky and Time Line supply reverb and delay respectively, while the JHS Pedals Angry Charlie serves up the distortion.

We suspect this may be a topic we will need to revisit at some point so please post your comments and questions below and we'll do our best to address them.

Oh, and we love Taylor Swift, just for the record.

Happy watching!

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