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That Pedal Show - Covid-19 Update - 24th March 2020

Firstly, we hope that you and your family stay well during the coming weeks and months during these extraordinary times.


We also wanted to make you aware of the steps we have/are taking as part of the Covid-19 pandemic currently affecting us all.


TPS Team: 

We are an extremely small team who, in part, already work in separate locations. From Friday 20th March we took steps to ensure that anything that can be done remotely from people's homes is done so in an effort to maximise personal safety for us and anyone around us.


TPS Shows:

We have in recent weeks filmed a significant number of shows in an effort to have enough 'in the bank' to be able to continue with our regular Friday shows for now. If you see guests present in any shows they were filmed ahead of time. We have also cancelled all future show guests and visitors to TPS HQ until UK Government advice says otherwise.


VCQ Live Streams:

We want to try and continue with these on a Monday. We feel it's important for all of us to stay connected to the outside world and not cut off during this time, so live streams are a great way for all of us to stay in touch. We will do this in a way that allows both Dan and Mick to remain in separate locations and for them to manage all camera/audio themselves to ensure maximum personal safety for everyone.


TPS Store:

That Pedal Show Store will remain OPEN. All orders will continue to be fulfilled for all our customers worldwide as long as UK Government legislation, all border regulations and Royal Mail allow.  Please be aware that we are introducing a temporary  shipping schedule for orders placed after 12 noon on March 24th 2020 after which orders will be shipped out on Mondays and Thursdays only.


Should anything change then we'll make sure that any updates to this statement are posted both here and on www.thatpedalshowstore.com


Take care everyone and see you soon!

Mick and Dan