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Your Suggestions For Taming The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe [Input 2, Dr Watson, Tube Changes & More!]

Published 25 Aug 2023

Simple things to transform your experience of the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe guitar amplifier… should you want to

Welcome to the show! We published a video on July 14 2023, exploring ways in which you can tame the somewhat visceral nature of Fender’s Hot Rod Deluxe… should you wish to. That video was full of useful stuff, but many of you came back with a bunch of other suggestions, some of which are very simple and effective.
Here are our faves among those suggestions, as we explore yet more ways to turn this amp into something more usable for lower volume use.
Please enjoy the show!

SAFETY WARNING! Valve guitar amplifiers contain potentially lethal voltages. If you’re in ANY doubt about changing valves, don’t do it - take it to a tech.

And please visit That Pedal Shop

Pedals & stuff in this episode
• TheGigRig Three2One

• Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST-200

• Boss SD-1W
UK & Europe:

• Walrus Audio ARP-87
UK & Europe:

• Doctor Watson Lion Tamer
We found ours on eBay

• Groove Tubes Substi-Tube 928-PR
No longer available new as far as we’re aware
Search for ‘Yellow Jackets’

Interesting bits and go-to sections
0:00 Intro playing
2:00 Why are we doing this again?
2:50 What’s the ‘problem’?
3:47 Volume pot taper…
4:40 Is that a problem?
6:20 Four things we’ll do today
7:00 Why is the Hook amp there?
8:00 Thing 1 - The Low Input
15:13 Thing 2 - Use The Drive Channel
28:07 Thing 3 - Dr Watson Lion Tamer
34:45 Dr Watson with delay in the front?
39:08 Thing 4 - Change Out Valve V1 intro
45:00 Preamp valve change sounds
51:00 Thing 5 - Change The Power Valves intro
54:20 Power valve change sounds
59:28 12AY7 & EL84s & Lion Tamer at lower volume
1:04:30 Closing thoughts and observations

Guitars in today’s episode
• 1961 Fender Stratocaster - Mick’s video here:
• Gibson USA SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola - no video yet

Amps in today
• Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III - links to latest version
UK & Europe:

• Hook Amps Little Lenny II

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