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Your First Guitar Solo & Beyond [Dan's Vlog ft. Andy Timmons, Joey Landreth & Adam Neely]

Published 20 May 2020

I teach my daughter the first principles of the minor pentatonic scale before moving on to my own journey with II, V, I changes.

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Interesting bits and go to timings underneath.

I wanted to do something positive with this time in isolation so I decided to get on top of few things that I've always wanted to get under my fingers, namely 'playing the changes'. My daughter also wanted to learn how to play a solo, so we both set ourselves two weeks to see how much we could accomplish.
I'm then joined by Mick, Andy Timmons and Joey Landreth to see how they'd approach it. Thanks guys!
And of course massive thanks to our AMAZING band: Dougie Mussard on drums, Adam Neely on bass and Jack Duxbury on keys. Wonderful humans!

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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- What are we trying to achieve in two weeks?: 0:00
- Meet Liv 1:00
- Teaching Liv to sing a pentatonic scale 1:30
- Why sing a pentatonic scale? 2:00
- Liv practising 2:40
- How did she go? 2:58
- Learning to sing along is a fundamental skill 4:42
- Part 2, Dan's turn 5:15
- What's a 2 5 1? 5:52
- 2 5 1 isn't just jazz 6:34
- Lets focus on the process 7:00
- Finding the tune 7:08
- Playing through the changes 7:27
- Using chord inversions to keep it in the sea e area 8:13
- Learning the arpeggios 8:45
- Practicing the tune really slowly 9:15
- Using visualisation 9:57
- Practice schedule 10:35
- Hi everyone! 11:00
- Let's play those changes 11:10
- Mick in the house 12:20
- Andy Timmons takes us to school 13:11
- Joey Landreth takes us to flavour town, sooo tasty 14:00
- Massive thanks to Andy, Adam, Joey, Jack and Dougie 15:30
- How did I do? 15:40

Dan's gear
Guitar: 1965 Fender Telecaster
Pedals: Dinosaural Optical Compressor, Thorpy The Bunker, AnalogMan KoT, Kingsley Page, Jam Pedals: Ripply Fall, Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall
Amp: Audio Kitchen Big Chopper into Grossmann FatBox Iso Cab

Mick's gear:
Guitar: Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335
Pedals: Thorpy Warthog into Analogman OD-9 with Bab Bob Boost (OD-9 side only), Jam Pedals Delay Llama Xtreme
Amps: Mesa California Tweed and Victory V140 The Super Duchess. Mic'd //really// quietly at home. Sontronics Delta 2 on the Boog, Neumann TLM102 on the Victory.

Andy's gear:
Guitar: Ibanez AT100
More details soon

Joey's gear:
Guitar: Sorokin 8 0008
More details soon

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