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Why We Love Low-Gain Overdrive [And So Do You!]

Published 4 Mar 2022

Welcome to the show! In this episode we explore the world of low-gain overdrive. Typically the result of turning up a guitar amp to the point of low overdrive, we now have an almost endless selection of pedals to help do the job.
However you achieve it, the point is that low-gain overdrive is absolutely, fundamentally important to dynamic guitar tone and playing. Fancy some of that?
Enjoy the show!

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Pedals used in this episode…

• TheGigRig Three2One

• Sonic Research ST-200 Turbo Tuner

• Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive

• Nordland ODR-C

• Boss BD-2w Blues Driver
UK & Europe:
USA That Pedal Shop:

• Greer Lightspeed
UK & Europe:

• Menatone Red Snapper

• Thorpy Peacekeeper
UK & Europe:

• Hudson Broadcast Dual
UK & Europe:

• J Rockett Clockwork Echo
UK & Europe:
USA That Pedal Shop:

• TheGigRig G3

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
0:00 Intro playing
3:23 What are we doing today?
6:12 What is high & low gain?
10:20 What low gain means to Dan
11:28 Bondi Sick As intro
12:56 Bondi Sick As sounds
17:27 Nordland ODR-C intro
18:43 Nordland ODR-C sounds
24:30 Boss BD-2w Blues Driver intro
25:44 Boss BD-2w Blues Driver sounds
29:10 Greer Amps Lightspeed intro
29:33 Transparent overdrive?
31:25 Greer Amps Lightspeed sounds
33:00 Amp-like overdrive?
34:12 Sick As & Lightspeed stacked
34:50 Feel under the fingers - eh?
36:25 Lightspeed & Tele
38:35 Menatone Red Snapper
40:20 Red Snapper sounds
46:58 Tele, low gain and dynamics
50:26 Thorpy Peacekeeper intro
51:00 Thorpy Peacekeeper sounds
56:08 Hudson Broadcast intro
56:58 Hudson Broadcast sounds
58:48 Why use low-cut?
1:02:03 Closing thoughts

Guitars in this episode:
• Fender Custom Shop ’62 Relic Stratocaster - Mick’s video here:

• Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster – Dan’s video here:

• Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335 – Mick’s video here:

Amps in this episode:
• Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature & 112 cabinet / WGS12L speaker
• 1961 VOX AC30 with Celestion alnico blue speakers

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