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The Wonderful World Of Wah-Wah Episode 1

Published on Aug 19, 2016

In this preliminary episode (yes there will be more, based on the questions you ask following this one) Daniel and Mick get busy with the rockingest – literally – pedal of all time, the fantabulous manual foot-treadle-operated envelope filter.
That’s the wah-wah pedal, just in case you hadn’t worked it out by this point.

We set out to address a number of questions ranging from the basic to the slightly less basic: what is it; how does it react with overdrive and fuzz; what is a half-cocked wah, and just how does the Vox V847 Handwired compare to the standard V847? Burning issues, all.

Pedals in this episode
• Xotic XW-1 Wah
UK & Europe:

• Budda Budwah

• Vox V847 Original Wah
UK & Europe:

• Vox V846 Handwired (we call it 847 - sorry!)
UK & Europe:

• Boss PW-10 V-Wah

• Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah

• Chicago Stompworks Custom That Muff Pedal

• Chicago Stompworks That Scream Pedal

Interesting bits and go-to sections:
• What is a wah-wah pedal? 1:57
• Electronic trumpet mute?! 3:14
• What is Q and why is it important? 8:10
• Demonstrating the Q with the Xotic XW-1 Wah: 8:50
• Treble and bass pots on the Xotic XW-1 Wah: 12:30
• Today’s overdrive pedals… (Thank you David Dyte!) 13:10
• That Muff Pedal intro and sounds: 14:00
• Budwah intro and sounds: 15:30
• That Scream Pedal intro and sounds: 16:54
• That Scream Pedal and Budwah: 17:38
• Vox Handwired & Standard wah comparison: 19:52
• Overdrive pedal before or after wah? 22:42
• Fuzz pedal before or after wah? 24:29
• Clean & dirty amps, fuzz & wah order comparisons: 28:00-33:28
• Let’s play a couple of SGs: 33:30
• Dan’s ’61 Les Paul (SG) Junior: 35:05
• Half-cocked wah: 37:34
• Mechanical pots and optical was discussion: 40:10
• The best sound of this video, no question: 42:35
• Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah: 43:20
• Boss V-Wah: 44:50
• Boss V-Wah ‘Vo’ setting compared with Vox V847: 46:45
• Xotic XW-1 Wah & Budwah compared: 50:00

Guitars in this episode
• Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster
• Gibson USA Derek Trucks Signature SG
• Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster
• 1961 Gibson Les Paul (SG) Junior

Amps this episode
• Fender Super Reverb Reissue
• Victory Sheriff 44 & V212VH
UK & Europe:

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