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The 300 Euro Challenge At TGU18 – That Pedal Show

Published on Jul 3, 2018

Back in May 2018 we ventured to Germany to spend a few days among the splendid people of Thomann and its Gear University. We’re not sure how much we learned, but we had a lot of fun!
On a bleary Friday morning – we think it was Friday – we decided to set ourselves a challenge: 300 Euros to buy some stuff. What follows is what happened next.

A note on the audio…
You’re hearing two mic'd guitar amps as the main mix, plus each of those amps through a Universal Audio Ox (right) and a Two-Notes Torpedo Reload (left). The physical, mic’d 1x12 cabs are about 85 per cent of the mix. The remainder is the Ox and the Reload, doing something approaching what our room mics usually do (sorta, kinda) to add a bit of spread. Kinda.
Please enjoy the episode…

Pedals in this episode…
• MXR M173 Classic 108 Fuzz

• Fender Mirror Image Delay
UK & Europe:

• Mooer Varimolo
Not currently stocked by any of our EPRs

• Fulltone MDV-3 Mini Deja-Vibe
UK & Europe:

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
It's mostly interesting and //quite// short. For us.

Guitars in this episode:
• PRS Silver Sky
• Fender Custom Shop ’59 Telecaster Relic
• Gibson Custom True Historic 1959 Les Paul

• Mad Professor Old School 21RT head and Harley Benton G112 Vintage cabinet and UA OX
• Revv Dynamis head and Harley Benton G112 Vintage cabinet and Two Notes Torpedo Reload

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