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That Pedal Show – Our Guitars & Gear: Mick’s Mesa/Boogie Lone Star Amps

Published on Apr 11, 2017

We get asked all the time about our main guitars, so this video includes all of the key information about Mick’s Mesa/Boogie Lone Star amps.

• Mesa Boogie Lone Star head (the one used today)
Later, 100-watt model with 10, 50- and 100-watt modes.
• Mesa Boogie Lone Star 2x12 combo
Original 100-watt model with 100 and 50-watt modes

For more info on the Lone Star spec and features, check out

Pedals used in this video…
All the reverb you hear in the video is from the amp, until the last playing section with the Collings, when it’s a TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb.

The first driven section with the Strat is the clean channel with the Keeley D&M Drive on the Mick side.

There's also a T-Rex Reptile 2 Delay here and there.

When playing the Collings at around 2:00, that is the drive from the amp only, no pedals. Same for the PRS DGT at around 4:00, T-Rex delay added

Guitars in this video…
• Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster – watch Mick’s video at
• Collings 290 DC S – watch Mick’s video at
• PRS DGT – watch Mick’s video at

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