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Six Awesome Reverbs. Neunaber, Empress, MXR & more…

Published on May 20, 2016

In this video Daniel and Mick follow up on the ‘Reverb Basics’ video that you can find here:

We’re comparing six high-quality modern reverb pedals, five digital and one genuine analogue spring reverb… plus the in-amp reverb in our Fender Super Reverb amplifier.

As regular viewers will know, our fully-featured, all-singing all-dancing, no-compromise reverb of choice is the Strymon Big Sky and you can see and hear that in many of our other videos. Today we don’t spend too much time on it, as there are a lot of newer pedals to get through!

The pedals we’re using today:
• MXR M300 Reverb
UK & Europe:

• Lovepedal Hall Mod - no longer made

• Neunaber Immerse
UK & Europe:

• Empress Reverb
UK & Europe:

• Strymon Big Sky
UK & Europe:

• Carl Martin Headroom Reverb

Our overdrives today are the Fire Custom Shop Carpe Diem and a Lovepedal Eternity.

Interesting bits and go-to sections…
• What is reverb anyway? 4:38
• MXR M300 Reverb discussion and examples: 8:05
• MXR spring setting compared with Super Reverb internal reverb: 9:55
• MXR with overdrive: 12:00…
• …and again compared with Super Reverb internal reverb: 12:57
• Lovepedal Hall Mod Reverb discussion and examples: 14:15
• Pre-delay explained: 15:00
• Neunaber Immerse discussion and examples:19:20
• Neunaber Immerse with overdrive: 23:35
• Empress Reverb discussion and examples: 24:51
• Empress Beer preset: 32:38
• Strymon BigSky recap (we don’t spend long on it because it’s in so many of our videos): 34:16
• Carl Martin Headroom discussion and examples: 35:18
• Carl Martin Headroom compared with Fender Super Reverb internal reverb: 39:00

Mick is playing a Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster. Dan is playing a Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster.

Amps are a Fender Super Reverb with 4x10 Jensen alnico speakers and a 1961 Vox AC30 with EF86 channel mod.

As always, all pedal and amp switching and routing is handled by TheGigRig G2.
For more on TheGigRig see

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