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Simon Neil From Biffy Clyro [2020 Rig, Booooom / Blast & More]

Published 6 Nov 2020

We talk guitar rigs, the new Booooom Blast pedal, Metal Zones, songwriting and much more. Simon also plays us 'Space' from the latest Biffy Clyro album, 'A Celebration Of Endings'

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

Ah man, some days are just palpably better than other days. And today was one of those days when Simon Neil and tech Richard Pratt came to visit!
For anybody still in the dark, go here:

Regular viewers will know that Dan / G2 has been involved with Simon's rig for some years now. This three-amp behemoth is the brainchild of Simon and tech Richard, whose tireless work with Biffy helps enable the band's incredible power and dynamic to happen live. Er, ahem, when live is actually happening that is.
If you want to see more of Simon's rig, watch this video we did a while back:

For this show, we wanted to talk about Simon's new Booooom / Blast distortion/fuzz pedal from Gone Fishing Effects – – and also get a little bit more insight on how he uses his beloved Boss Metal Zone. Around all that we get to experience the live rig in our tiny studio (YES!), talk a little bit about the effects of lockdown on bands and techs, and also probe a little bit into Simon's mind when it comes to songwriting. As if that wasn't all cool enough, Simon even sings us a song from the latest Biffy Clyro record: 'Space' from 'A Celebration Of Endings'.

Really sorry for spelling Churd 'Chard! (Richard - Churd).

Enjoy the show!

COVID-19 info: This was filmed a couple of weeks before the second lockdown in England that came into effect Nov 4 2020. We did a thorough risk assessment before going ahead including pre-monitoring of symptoms/general health; we disinfected everything and all that stuff; made a big effort with 2m distancing. In addition, Simon and Richard had their own tech/green room and bathroom spaces. We were all masked up until the cameras rolled; Simon and Fraser remained masked. We also had the screen up between us a Simon. Thank you for your equal levels of concern and cynicism. The world needs both.

Enjoy the episode!

Pedals & stuff in this episode…

• Booooom / Blast Overdrive / Fuzz

• Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
UK & Europe:

• Fender Supersonic 100 - no longer made, try the smaller 22
UK & Europe:

• Audio Kitchen The Big Trees
UK & Europe:

• Marshall 100w Super Lead 1959SLP

• Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters

• Taylor 714ce (this one belongs to Mick)

TheGigRig G2
(Simon's G2s are custom versions with fewer switches)

* Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here:

Interesting bits and go-to sections…

- Intro playing: 0:00
- Welcome: 01:02
- A word on Covid: 01:50
- Biffy's latest album: 02:26
- Simon has his own pedal: 08:46
- Let’s hear the Booooom / Blast: 13:25
- This thing WORKS with loud amps: 16:13
- Churd on Booooom / Blast: 18:36
- Churd's rig rundown: 22:30
- Barrowland gig and live streams: 26:30
- How did we get to the current Biffy rig?: 33:01
- Loud is physical…and important: 36:00
- Music should make you FEEL: 39:44
- Clean, Medium, BIG - Simon's core live sounds: 40:20
- That Strat Sound: 44:30
- Guitar sound on North Of No South: 46:40
- Songwriting words of wisdom: 47:51
- Right… METAL ZONE: 52:10
- Black Chandelier: 57:56
- The confidence to write your music: 1:00:50
- Honesty and vulnerability: 1:03:48
- Live acoustic performance of Space: 1:07:49
- Overtime… It’s Dan vs Mick on Simons rig: 1:12:07

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