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Neil Finn & Liam Finn Of Crowded House [Guitar Rig Tour 2022]

Published 10 Jun 2022

Welcome to the show! This is a massive day for us. Split Enz and Crowded House have played the soundtrack to so much of our lives to date, influencing our understanding of harmony and melody right up there with all the greats of songwriting and performing.
We were thrilled to be able to meet Neil Finn and his son, Liam, during their 2022 Dreamers Are Waiting tour with Crowded House.
In this video – with huge thanks to tech, Marcus Catanzaro – we get a detailed look at the guys’ gear before having a chat with each of them and hearing a few tones. There’s also some fantastic insight to the life of a top-flight tech alongside a brief glimpse into the minds and thoughts of two immensely creative musicians and writers.

We’d like to add a special note of sincere thanks to Marcus and the whole Crowed House crew for being so kind and making us so welcome, especially on a show day where everyone is ON! It is a truly humbling experience.

Enjoy the show!
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Interesting bits and go-to sections
0:00 Hello, welcome and… Stonehenge?
1:25 Neil’s signal path overview
5:00 Two Memory Mans, Boss DD-3
7:15 The rack, switcher and power
10:20 Stage amps and cabs
14:20 Liam’s board
19:56 Liam’s amps
21:30 Neil’s guitars
29:45 A tech’s biggest challenges?
32:23 Catching up with Neil
39:06 Some sounds from Neil
45:00 Can we hear the Goldtop?
46:30 Sounds and fun with Liam

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