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Mike Vennart Visits TPS! [Oceansize, Biffy Clyro, ESB & Massive Fuzz Tones]

Published 08 Sep 2023

A true sonic warrior joins us for an insight into uncompromising artistry and massive tones

Welcome to the show! It’s been a while coming, but we are absolutely DELIGHTED to welcome the incomparable, the indefatigable, the monumentally marvellous Mike Vennart to the show. Mike is much loved for his work in bands including Oceansize, Vennart, Biffy Clyro and latest project, Empire State Bastard.
Today’s show focusses tonally on the latest project and record, but we also talk about everything and nothing in and around a life in music and guitar.
What a wonderful day we had - please enjoy the show!

Check out Empire State Bastard -
Check out Vennart -

And please visit That Pedal Shop

Pedals & stuff in this episode…
• Earthquaker Devices Life Pedal V2 - no longer available, links to latest version
UK & Europe:

• Does It Doom Doomsaw

• JHS PackRat
UK & Europe:

• Fredric Effects Green Russian

• Boss DM-2W
UK & Europe:

• The Gigrig G3 Atom

Interesting bits and go-to sections
0:00 Intro playing and hello!
5:00 Big Muff for the win
6:50 Fredric Green Russian sounds
8:25 Early influences?
10:50 Two amps & Doomsaw
12:13 Early Oceansize sonics
18:25 A journey in technical guitar?
23:18 Mike plays for us #1
26:35 Empire State Bastard - Dave Lombardo?!
31:00 What is it about Manchester?
36:00 The Biffy Clyro gig
40:17 Gibson Les Paul Studio
46:30 Les Paul, Fredric Green Russian, shredding roots
52:24 Les Paul & Doomsaw & Fredric
53:25 Earthquaker Life Pedal
1:00:00 Mike’s Green & Orange amps
1:03:02 Mike plays for us #2
1:05:35 Guitar pedals now and then
1:09:54 Left-handed guitars & Mike’s Squier
1:18:00 Production and sonics
1:21:56 Mike plays us out

Guitars in this episode
• 1980s Squier Stratocaster with DiMarzio ToneZone bridge pickup
• Gibson Les Paul Studio with Monty’s Firebird bridge pickup

Amps in this episode
• Green Matamp GT120MV & 412 cab
• 1978 Orange Overdrive & Matamp 212 vert cabinet

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