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Joey & Dave Landreth Visit TPS! [Short Edit - Tone Talk, Band Session, Monster Pedal Board & More!]

Published 02 Sep 2022

Highlights From A Much Longer Upcoming Show…

Hello friends! We are delighted to welcome our old pals Joey & Dave: The Brothers Landreth… and indeed also our pal Roman Clarke on drums!

With apologies for the hasty description and lack of initial information, we just wanted to put this out ahead of much longer and more detailed edit coming as soon as we can get it done. The guys arrived with us on Wednesday and we have an Experience Day today (Friday 2 Sept), so time has been against us.

BUT… Please enjoy this short edit as The Bros. hit the road in UK & Europe. There’s loads of tone talk, insight on their latest record and even some band performances.

More detailed info will be added here over the weekend and the full edit will follow in a few days. In the meantime please check out their current tour dates to catch these spectacular humans in action.

Enjoy the show!

And please visit That Pedal Shop

Interesting bits & go-to sections
0:00 intro
1:57 we made a record!
2:18 Hello pedalboard
5:14 Isle Of Tone Luxe 66 Fuzz
6:25 Wet/Dry/Wet
7:12 Two Rock TS1
7:45 Blending in the wet amps
8:25 ‘Drive All Night’ from the album Come Morning
9:50 I just love this shit!
10:15 Joey’s homemade double expression pedal
10:25 Recreating the sound for ‘Come Morning’
13:10 Plate reverb left, harmonic trem right
14:40 ‘Corduroy’ from Come Morning
19:50 Scott McKeon fuzz
20:35 Filter/volume
22:50 Ring modulator
26:35 Hello Dave!
30:34 ‘Let It Lie’

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