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Jocelyn Gould Talks Jazz Guitar Playing & Tone [Plus Benedetto & Two-Rock Tonal Bliss!]

Published 01 Dec 2023

We get schooled in the art of true dedication to music, tone and jaw-dropping guitar playing

Welcome to the show! It is our great pleasure to welcome Juno-award-winner, music professor, stellar guitar player, captivating singer and all-round awesome human, Jocelyn Gould to That Pedal Show.
Jocelyn was in Europe doing some live dates, during which she dropped in to see us. What followed was a masterclass in learning and dedication to the instrument, a whole heap of inspiring advice and, of course, some utterly wonderful playing and singing.
Huge thanks to Jocelyn for taking the time, and also to our good friend Michael Watts for helping glue it all together.
Enjoy the show!

Jocelyn on the web -

Gear in this episode…
• Benedetto 16-B
• Two-Rock Joey Landreth Signature

Interesting bits and go-to sections
0:00 Intro playing and hello!
2:58 Late starter on guitar?
6:00 Turning a 180 into jazz guitar
7:25 Understanding melody and harmony
8:50 How to move on from blues changes
12:30 Don’t need theory to play?
16:13 Everything affects tone
17:40 Jocelyn’s Benedetto 16-B
20:25 Jocelyn plays ‘Jingles’ by Wes Montgomery
23:00 Jazz tone?
28:50 Angle of your pick
33:35 Jocelyn plays for us
36:20 Strings?
38:45 Good places to start learning jazz
40:38 More on II-V-I
44:40 Where to start?!
47:40 What to listen to
50:15 A mic on the guitar too?
52:57 I Haven’t Managed To Forget You, by Jocelyn Gould

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