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Buffers, True Bypass & Unimaginable Excitement

Published on Mar 4, 2016

Okay, so we lied about the Unimaginable Excitement part. It's largely pretty dull. Except when you have the buffer engaged, and then it can get really glassy...

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In this episode, Daniel and Mick offer some discussion and practical advice on buffers, including answers to the following questions.
-What is a buffer?
-Where might you use one?
-Where should you avoid them?
-How does this all relate to true bypass pedals?
-What the hell is true bypass anyway?
-Can cables really change your tone?

If your life is too short for grown men waffling on about effects pedals, you might prefer to skip to the following sections...

Buffer On & Off Sound Examples
08.45 - 09.28
10.12 - 10.42
13.19 - 25.30
24.22 - 25.30

What Is True Bypass?
15.14 - 20.15

Where To Put Your Buffer?
20.18 - 21.57

Some Condensed Practical Conclusions
23.03 - 24.00

Buffers with Germanium Transistors
24.08 -

And that's it! It's a lot more interesting than you thought, right?

Mick is playing a Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster into a Two Rock Studio Pro 35.
You also hear a Wampler Dual Fusion and an Analogman Beano Boost.
The buffer is integral to one of the outputs of TheGigRig Humdinger and we're switching things with a QMX 2 by TheGigRig.

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