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Beetronics Octahive, TateFX Antares OD, CTC Sidekick, OBNE Black Fountain: TPS Pedal Jams

Published on 17 Sep 2019

This is Pedal Jams where we feature four guitar effects pedals that are new (to us anyway).
Our agenda is purely to plug them in, see what cool sounds and features we find, and combine them in whatever way inspires. We then jam over a backing for some context.

If you like that backing track - we start around 26:19 - you can buy it here:

Enjoy the video…

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Pedals in this episode…

• Beetronics Octahive

• TateFX Antares Overdrive
UK & Europe:

• Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain
UK & Europe:

• Crazy Tube Circuits Sidekick

The GigRig G2:

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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Intro playing: 0:00
- Pedal Jams? What? Why? 1:42
- Pedals this episode: 2:48
- Beetronics Octahive: 3:10 (4:11)
- Today’s amps: 3:41 (4:08)
- TateFX Antares Overdrive: 8:11 (9:25)
- …and Octahive: 10:41
- Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain: 13:28 (20:38)
- Let’s jam: 26:19

Guitars in this episode
• Fender Classic Series ’60s Jazzmaster Lacquer – our video at
• Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster - Dan’s video at
• Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster – Mick’s video at
• Gretsch G6228 Player’s Edition Jet BT w/V Stoptail:
• 1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior - Dan’s video at:

Amps in this episode
• Matchless HC-30 with Hughes & Kettner Vintage 212 / Celestion G12M Greenback
• Victory V140 The Super Duchess and V212VCD cab/Celestion G12M-65 Creamback Speakers

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