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Are You Dumble? Seven of the best D-style pedals. And a Boss BD-2

Published on 18 Dec 2015

Good morrow fine people! If you want to skip the jibber-jabber, the initial pedal comparisons begin at 14:30.

If you're in for the long haul, however…

Brace yourselves, because in this episode Daniel and Mick dive fearlessly into the murky waters of Dumble legend. And it’s a long one, so grab a beverage and make yourself comfortable.

Played by many of the world’s most respected, toneful and tasteful players, a Dumble Overdrive Special amplifier is as rare as it is magical. What do they sound like? Frankly, who the hell knows because only a select few have ever been granted exclusive passage to the real heart of Dumbledom. So we’re borrowing a Fuchs Overdrive Supreme and standing on the metaphorical drawbridge.

Nevertheless, if you listen to records of your Dumble-playing heroes or you’ve seen them live, you’ll know those amps have given voice to some of the best guitar sounds – yes – ever. Can a pedal possibly capture that magic? Well, perhaps some of it, hence our petite videoette this very day.

The pedals we’re listening to are:

Mad Professor Simble
Amplified Nation Big Bloom
J Rockett The Dude
Wampler Euphoria
Tanabe Dumkudo
Custom Tones Ethos Overdrive
Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

And just for good fun, a Boss BD-2 Blues Driver linked up with a Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ

After we’ve had a quick listen to the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme, we play all the pedals through a Victory V40 head and 2x12 cabinet with Celestion G12H-65 Creambacks. And talk a lot.

Guitars are: Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster. Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster, Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard, Collings SoCo, 1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior (SG).

As ever, all pedal switching and amp routing is handled effortlessly by TheGigRig G2.

Big thanks to Andertons Music for the Royal Overdrive; Jason Sidwell of Guitar Techniques for the Dumkudo and Ethos and Simon at Rocky Road for the Simble. Also to Sir Mitchell Of Keenshire for the Fuchs. Somebody leant us the Big Bloom too – credit when we know who it was!

For more on TheGigRig, see

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