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A Practical Discussion Of Guitar Tones In Church with Darlene Zschech and David Holmes

Published 21 May 2024

"This is an interview I did with one of my favourite people in the world, my sister Darlene Zschech. Described as a pioneer of the modern worship movement, Darlene's has sold millions of albums and has written songs that are sung by millions around the world every week. When I was in Australia at Christmas I grabbed Darls and did an interview where we talked about what she needs from her guitar player on the platform at church. David Holmes who is a long time collaborator with Darls was also there to give us some pointers.

0:00 Coming Up…
1:11 Welcome
1:42 Introducing my sister - Darlene Zschech
2:20 David Holmes
3:00 The early days
5:29 Dave’s moves from Adelaide to Sydney
7:15 What you need to have under your fingers
11:30 Serving the song
13:55 Appropriate and inappropriate sounds
15:05 Sweet clean tones
16:25 A considered tone
17:50 Right hand attack
18:20 ODR-1 driving tone
19:30 Heavy tones - find the moment
20:45 Pedalboard tones
21:30 Keeping out of the way
22:45 The 2 Guitar Approach
24:00 Tuning is everything
26:30 Keep your creativity
27:20 …How good are amps?!
30:30 Dealing in your tones
31:15 Amazing Grace

RESOURCES - Lots of info here as well as some great YouTube videos - monthly magazine filled with a ton of great resources for worship musicians. Here a link to the Worship Guitar Player section in the current issue as a reference point -

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