Thomas Blug & BluGuitar AMP1. 100-watt pedal-sized amp?

Published on 9 Oct 2015

In this episode, German guitarist, amp designer and all-round awesome bloke Thomas Blug drops into TheGigRig EQ to tell Daniel all about his BluGuitar Amp 1.

It's a 100-watt amp in a pedal-sized box. Really?! Yes really, as you'll find out...

With apologies to regular viewers (and to Thomas and the excellent sounding AMP1), this was all a bit last-minute and we were coping with a basic video camera, so the audio and video isn't up to our usual standards. Hopefully you can still hear the BluGuitar AMP1's considerable potential!

Thomas runs the AMP1 through its paces and a very surprised Daniel adds in pedals for fun. Ready to be surprised?

Enjoy this video, and for more on The BluGuitar Amp1 please visit