The Ultimate DIY Delay Pedal?

Published 23 April 2021

Dan builds a four-head delay machine using 26 separate pedals!

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

Welcome to the show! In this show Dan is expanding on an idea that began when we were exploring multi-head tape delays back in July 2020. You can watch that show here:
As we were explaining what happens in a multi-head tape delay, Dan put together a ‘Frankenstein’ version of a dual-head delay, using single pedals replicating each component. In this video he’s expanded on that and returned with a 4-head behemoth to see what’s what.
Why would you do this? Well, you probably wouldn’t, but we hope it opens up some understanding of what’s happening in a delay pedal in order to help you decide on the kind of sounds and features you like more, and like less.

Enjoy the show!

Gear in this episode…
• Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner

• Strymon Volante

• Keeley D&M Drive:
UK & Europe:

• TheGigRig Wetter Box

• JHS Summing Amp x 4
UK & Europe:

• TC Electronic Flashback Mini x 4
UK & Europe:

• JAM Pedals Waterfall Chorus x 4
UK & Europe:

• NRG Pumper 072 x 4

• JHS Buffered Splitter x 4

• Lazy Bear Volume Pot x 4

• Land Devices Land Mixer

• Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature & 212 cab with TR1265B speakers

• Victory VC35 The Copper & 212 cab with one Celestion G12M Greenback and one G12 Anniversary

Interesting bits and go-to sections
- Intro playing: 00:00
- What are we doing today?: 01:20
- The original Frankenstein Delay board: 03:40
- The big reveal and tones: 04:50
- Signal path basics: 07:00
- It starts with kill-dry delay sounds: 09:00
- Adding modulation and filtering: 10:28
- Filter the repeat sounds: 12:50
- Straight delay / modulation / feedback: 15:15
- How do we get repeats?: 16:30
- One delay line signal diagram: 18:00
- Panning circuit: 21:30
- And now FOUR delay lines with mixer: 24:40
- Two delays & stereo panning sounds: 26:13
- Building a four-delay stereo sound: 28:29
- Edge-type dotted-eighth?: 33:05
- Mick’s super spacey jam: 38:00
- Dan's super spacey jam: 45:29

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