That Pedal Show – Tape Echo: New Echoplex, Belle Epoch & El Capistan vs Fulltone SS

Published on Sep 23, 2016

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In this episode Daniel and Mick follow up to a show from February 2016 where we put a genuine vintage Echoplex EP-3 up against some more modern delay pedals.
For this instalment we’ve swapped out the Echoplex for the modern production equivalent – a Fulltone Solid State Tape Echo – and selected the three new pedals for comparison for which we’ve had most requests. As you’ll hear, there are some spectacular performers in today’s video.

Pedals in this episode
• Strymon El Capistan
UK & Europe:

• Catalinbread Belle Epoch
UK & Europe:

• Dunlop EP103 Echolplex Delay
UK & Europe:

• Fulltone Solid State Tape Echo

• Kingsley Page Tube Boost

As ever, all switching and routing is handled by TheGigRig G2.

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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
• Fulltone Solid State Tape Echo explanation: 1:20 – 2:30
• Fulltone Solid State Tape Echo sounds: 3:00
• Strymon El Capistan explanation and sounds: 5:24
• Tape age / wow and flutter 8:15
• Reverb as well in the El Capistan! 10:48
• Catalinbread Belle Epoch explanation and sounds: 13:53
• Echoplex EP103 Delay explanation and sounds: 23:01, then 24:25 (sounds)
• A/B comparisons with all pedals: 30:31

Guitars in this episode
• PRS DGT Model 2008 – watch Mick’s video at
• Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster– watch Dan’s video at
• Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster – watch Mick’s video at

Amps this episode
• Fender Super Reverb Reissue with 4x10 Jensen P10R speakers
• 1964 Vox AC30 (normal channel) into 2x12 Celestion Alnico Blue speakers

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