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TPS Pick'N'Mix – ProAnalog Manticore, Crazy Tube Space Charged, Zander Warbler, Shift Line Astronaut

Published on Nov 7, 2017

This is Dan’N’Mick’s Pick’N’Mix where we feature four pedals that are new (to us anyway).
Our agenda is purely to plug them in, see what cool sounds and features we find, and combine them in whatever way inspires. That’s it! Enjoy the video…

Pedals in this episode…

• TheGigRig Three2One

• ProAnalog Devices Manticore

• Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged
UK & Europe: https://www.andertons.co.uk/crazy-tub...

• Zander Circuitry The Warbler

• Shift Line Astronaut
http://shift-line.com/card.php?device... V.2

• The GigRig G2: http://bit.ly/2h8xSay

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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Intro & background: 00:00
- Today’s pedals: 1:10
- ProAnalog Devices Manticore: 1:38 (3:40)
- Today’s amps: 2:42
- Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged: 12:30
- Zander Circuitry The Warbler: 18:59
- Shift Line Astronaut V.2: 24:50
- Well, it’s a sound… 28:56

Guitars in this episode
• Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster – watch Dan’s video at http://bit.ly/2dlZJ6K
• Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster – watch Mick’s video at http://bit.ly/2cQv3yT
• PRS DGT – Watch Mick’s video at http://bit.ly/2d8Xo2I
• Gretsch G116T Anniversary – Watch Dan’s video at http://bit.ly/2eKxfE5
• Duesenberg Bonneville – https://www.duesenberg.de/en/guitars/...

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