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TPS Our Guitars & Gear – Dan’s Fender Ed O’Brien Sustainer Stratocaster

Published on Nov 21, 2017

We often get asked about our personal guitars and amps that crop up on That Pedal Show, so this series/playlist seeks to answer some of the more common questions.

In this video Dan talks about a relatively recent (2017) addition to the Steinhardt Guitar Family, the Fender Ed O’Brien EOB Sustainer Stratocaster. Ed is of course one of the guitar players in legendary/pioneering/uber famous band, Radiohead, within which he creates incredible sonic textures that are fundamental to their often otherworldly, ethereal sound. (And yes, Dan builds Ed's pedalboard and consults on his rig).

We’d strongly urge you to also watch Fender’s awesome video on Ed and the guitar, as much for the info and insight as the inspiring cinematography. Go here for that… https://youtu.be/n-qq8RvFscY

Dan is playing through a 1961 Vox AC30 (Celestion Alnico Blue speakers) and a Marshall 1987x 50-watt Plexi reissue (Celestion G12H Anniversary speakers), running together.

Pedals used in this video:

Analogman Sun Face NKT Red Dot
Analogman Bad Bob Boost
Keeley D&M Drive
Kingsley Page Boost
Strymon TimeLine
GFI Specular Tempus
Walrus Audio Monument
Mooer ElecLady

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