Seasonal Greetings From Dan & Mick – That Ho Ho Pedal Show

Published on 25 Dec 2019

To all of our amazing friends who join us for That Pedal Show here on the YouTubes, we want to wish you enormously warm and tender greetings for the holiday season and the year ahead.

Thank you for being with us on the show, and may you have a very happy and healthy 2020.


Dan & Mick

If you really want to know…
Dan is using an Effectrode Blackbird and Diamond Memory Lane Jr into the Hiwatt DR103 and Marshall 1960B cab (G12T-75 speakers).

Mick is using a Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe (first in line) into an Analogman modded Maxon OD9, into a Kingtone Duellist into a Foxgear Echosex Baby into a Supro Tremolo in harmonic mode... into the Marshall 1987x and 1960Ax cab (Greenbacks).