Pigdog Fuzzes plus Vintage Shin-ei and Colorsound Supa Tonebender compared

Published on 24 Apr 2015

Daniel and Mick compare some of Dan's favourite fuzz pedals.

Up for fuzzing are:
• Pigdog JuJu
• Pigdog MkII Professional
• Vintage Colorsound Supa Tonebender
• Pigdog Fuzzbound
• Vintage Shin-ei Duo Fuzz

Facial expressions to the max, filthy dirty mess all around and TheGigRig G2 taking care of seamless switching.

Daniel is playing his Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster and Mick his playing his PRS DGT.

The amp is a ’64 Vox AC30, mic'd with a pair of Sennheiser e906 dynamics.

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