Lee Malia Of Bring Me The Horizon [Interview & Rig Tour]

Published on 17 Jan 2020

We visit Lee Malia of Bring Me The Horizon to talk about his guitar sounds and gear at the band’s HQ.

Life too short for long YouTube videos? See ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ info below.

Welcome! In this episode, Dan and I load the TPS charabanc and head north to visit Lee Malia of Bring Me The Horizon. In case you’re not aware, BMTH are a phenomenally successful band who formed in 2004, having released six principle studio albums and won a slew of awards along the way. As we write this they are both Brit and Grammy nominated for 2020.
During the interview we get an insight into Lee’s world of huge production for giant stages and how that determines the gear and tone choices for his rig. We also get a look at Lee’s signature Epiphone guitars.

Massive thanks to Lee for making the time for us, and also to Joey for the tech support and help. What an awesome day!
Enjoy the episode!

Pedals & stuff in this episode…
• Shure AD4Q Four-channel Digital Wireless Receiver
USA: http://bit.ly/35TbfQW

• TC Electronic Polytune 3
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2jV7jJA
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/qaWzb
Australia: http://bit.ly/2GiHjRc

• MW Hybrid FuzzyTone

• Klon Clone

• Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/36ZoG2Q

• Electro-Harmonix Soul Food - JHS Mod
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2spyDrm
Australia: http://bit.ly/2s56joI

• Electro-Harmonix Pog 2
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2cYS24L
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/xgJLx

• Electro-Harmonix Synth 9
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/36VZ72R
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/DvWy5

• TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2RjjTTp
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/QMYja
Australia: http://bit.ly/36XmEAv

• Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2FRNTRa
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/rmEaj

• Strymon BigSky
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2wpLdEx
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/PMzzj
Australia: http://bit.ly/2x0GSdY

• Strymon Timeline
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2fzulGD
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/5vkkb
Australia: http://bit.ly/2pSEFKm

• Free The Tone PA-1QG EQ
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/3aePZIq

• Furman PL-PRO DMC Power Conditioner
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2TpfL71
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/AvggK

• Radial JX44
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/1vGGD

• RJM Music Mastermind GT/16

• RJM Music Effect Gizmo

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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Intro playing: 00:00
- Hello! 1:35
- How did Lee start playing? 2:20
- Early heavy tones for Lee: 6:21
- Loud Marshalls and mic’d cabs: 8:45
- “I used to use more gain…” 11:18
- Les Paul, Klon-type drive, Marshall JCM800: 12:45 (13:55)
- Heaviness & gain: 14:25
- Wouldn’t it just be easier to get a Helix or Kemper? 20:00
- What the Kemper is used for: 21:35
- Lee’s main amps: 23:10 (25:00)
- The BMTH show and live switching: 27:50
- 0.080 E string: 29:45
- Heavy strings and the right hand: 32:05
- How do you keep it in tune? 34:25
- Extended scale guitars? 35:00
- How Lee holds his pick: 36:00
- A bit of playing: 39:10
- Lee’s key effects… delay and reverb: 41:00
- …EHX Cathederal Reverb: 45:03
- …POG, fuzz, JCM800 and Kemper: 46:10
- …EHX Synth 9: 47:20
- …EHX Soul Food: 48:20
- Working Mens’ Clubs? 52:15
- Lee Malia Signature Epi Les Paul: 55:18
- Gibson Les Paul Artisan: 56:55
- Signature Explorer: 58:20
- The hair clip? 59:35
- Dummy coil for the P90: 1:01:25
- Active pickups? 1:02:45
- EHX Pitch Fork: 1:06:05
- A Strat? 1:07:35
- Free The Tone EQ: 1:10:20
- Grestch? 1:13:40

• Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom

• Epiphone Ltd Ed. Lee Malia RD Custom Artisan Outfit

• Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Explorer Custom

• Fender Player Stratocaster HSH
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/36RGwVw
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/gxRRg

• 1976 Gibson Les Paul Artisan

• Gretsch BST 'Beast'

• Marshall Vintage Reissue 2245 30w JTM45 Head (into 2 of the Celestion G12 Anniversary speakers in the 'clean' 4x12)
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/35R8Jut
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/okNNo

• Kemper Profiler Rack (into JCM 800 power section and mic'd through the other half of the 'clean' 4x12 above)
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/3aeBIeO
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/Bv55B

• Marshall JCM800 2203 100w Head (Celestion Vintage 30 speakers in the 4x12)
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2NtHX4N
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/0vGGO

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