Compressors 101

Published on 15 May 2015

Everything you wanted to know about compressors but were afraid to ask?

Well, sort of. In this video Daniel and Mick use four different compressor pedals to help explain this most misunderstood of dynamic effects.

• Original 1974 MXR Dyna Comp
• Dinosaural Opticompressor
• Xotic SP Compressor
• Carl Martin Andy Timmons signature Compressor Limiter

Whether you want a funky rhythm tone, a hot-pickin' country squash or a dynamic boost, a compressor pedal can help you achieve the lot.

Daniel is playing is Fender Custom Shop 63 Telecaster. Mick is playing his Gibson Derek Trucks SG and Fender American Vintage 62 Strat.

The amps are a Mallard 18-watt Marshall clone and a Lazy J J20.

Enjoy this video as we talk through some of the compressor's many capabilities.