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12 Pedals In 12 Minutes [And 12 Guitars! Just For Fun]

Published 14 Dec 2023

We know, one minute isn't enough for a pedal demo. But let's try anyway…

Hello friends, welcome to That Pedal Show.

Dear Daniel is away in Australia, but at this time of year we like to give away a bevvy of effectors to our Active Patrons On Patreon. I thought I'd plug in and give 'em a whirl before we give 'em away!
And, ahem, borrow some of Dan's lovely guitars too!

If you're an active paying Patron, you'll get an email on how take part. If you're not, sit back and enjoy the tones anyway. Maybe there's a kernel of an idea of how to do new pedals here… albeit one minute is probably pushing it a bit!

A MASSIVE thank you to all the companies involved for allowing us to give their pedals away. Not least Mikey Demus for his awesome cameo (show coming early January 2024). THANK YOU!

The pedals are:

• Crazy Tube Circuits Crossfire

• Electro-Harmonix Spruce Goose

• Victory Amplification V1 The Copper

• Origin Effects M-EQ Driver

• Redbeard Effects Paradynamic Angry Rhubarb Overdrive MkII

• TC Electronic SCF Gold

• Ross Chorus

• Caroline Guitar Company Somersault

• Walrus Audio Mako D1 Hi Fidelity Delay

• Fender Hammertone Delay

• Wampler Triumph Overdrive

• Sabbadius Electronics Tiny Vibe Fillmore East

That Pedal Show on Patreon

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